Eva A. Lindberg was born in Sweden. She graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, with a BA in Architecture. Extra-curricular studies included the University of Architecture in Venice, Italy and the Boston Architectural Center in Massachusetts, USA. In 1987, she moved to Berkeley, California, where she worked in design and studied at Academy of Art College and Energy Art School in Berkeley, where she synthesized past art modalities into one concept ~ the "5th Dimensional Artwork" ~ www.evadeva.com.

Her work is exhibited in USA, Europe and Israel. On a parallel educational path, Eva studied Psychology and Drama Therapy at CIIS, San Francisco, and in 1997 completed her MA in Humanities and Leadership at UCS in the Bay Area, USA. In 1998, the first Tulip Healing events began ~ www.tuliplove.com. In addition to her individual/community healing work and teaching, Eva is also a Feng Shui consultant, and an avid Peace Worker.

Daniel Ovadia Merry
Daniel ~ the producer of this Tikkun Ha’ Klali cd ~ got all his spiritual energy & musical talent from his Mother, born in Israel, father to six beautiful children in a moshav near Tel Aviv. Before he became “chozer be’tshuva” (Returning to G-d – an observant Jew) he was a shepard. The Mother of Daniel is a known singer in the region; Bracha Cohen Ovadia – known for her Middle Eastern flavor music and special voice. A Yemenite Singer who often performs at traditional Henna Ceremonies in Israel and International events. The Grandfather, Shalom Cohen, was a musician & composer. At the time, the only singer of Jewish Weddings in his country Yemen, and sang at Royal ceremonies in Yemen. Daniel received a vision to actually sing the 10 psalms of the Tikkun ha’Klali, and finally got the singer Erez Yichiel to his studio. After 6 hours studio recording time, they completed the cd which you are now listening to. Many musician are amazed that such master piece was done in such a short time, and even the producer remains surprised till today. He thinks it is thanks to the divine intervention of the righteous Zaddick – Rabbi Nachman. Daniel believes the Zaddick loves the whole world, the earth and creation so much, that he gave us this gift, through the singer and producer.
Erez Yichiel
A great singer born in a moshav near Tel Aviv, Israel. A devoted religious and spiritual being, who likes to bless people. He sings these beautiful Tikkun HaKlali psalms, in such a wonderful heartfelt way, which can not be easily found anywhere else. He himself feels this recording was done in a very holy moment, and because of its unique delivery, finds it hard to reproduce it again. This shows the power of divine transmission, and the willingness to be a transmitter of G-d's Love for humanity.